Gifts for men، analyse who you are going to give gifts to him

Gifts for men

On the off chance that you are as yet pondering Christmas presents, it will be extremely valuable to know a few hints that we offer us to pick those presents with which you need to satisfy your friends and family.

Choose gifts for men with enthusiasm

Giving is one more way to express love, affection or gratitude to another person. That is why the main ingredient is the illusion, that the “gifted” perceives that the gift he receives, beyond the mere object, carries with it the desire of the “giver” to make him happy. If you have put all your desire in the choice and it is original, even if it is a modest gift, you will be delighted to receive it.

Analyze who you are going to give as gifts

Giving a pencil sharpener to an architect would be acceptable, but handing it over to a new technology freak … maybe not so much. To get it right, it is necessary to learn minimally about the hobbies and tastes of the honoured person. Do you go skiing as soon as a snowflake falls? Are you sleepy and need a pillow to sleep like a log anywhere?

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Avoid the “gift drawer”

Do not buy what you would choose for yourself or choose what makes you look good to others without noticing whether the recipient will like it. Nor do you resort to objects that are leftover at home. Laziness and selfishness are the great allies of the “gift box. ” If giving away becomes a procedure, it is very likely that the gift ends up sleeping in a storage room or in that forgotten drawer.

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Look for the gifts for men  “that lasts”

A good gift has to remain in memory. Either because the recipient uses it constantly or because every time he remembers it, he smiles at how much he enjoyed it. It is not enough to see for a moment the happy face of the gift or the gift giver. The goal is to make the magic of the gift repeat itself many times.

Give away time

If your economy is not for waste, give away time and dedication. Make him his favourite cake or give him vouchers to redeem for activities that he always wants to do and you don’t feel like it. In the case of your partner, for example, “it is worth spending an afternoon with your parents” (who knows that it scares you), “it is good for having drinks with your friends” (who are like children), or “it is worth seeing the movie you like “.

Personalized gifts for men or to share

The gifts that are in fashion are those that you can personalize or share, such as a life diary, a blank book that you can complete with your family with the experiences you have lived over the years, adding photographs and other details. . The “do it yourself” kits are also ideal to learn a trade or craft and surprise with your creations.


Wrap the gift for men with a handmade touch

does do not overshadow it. A handmade and personalized touch shows affection for what you have done, so forget about delivering the present in any way. Of course, you don’t have to go overboard either. Sometimes so many expectations are generated that the gift itself is no longer the star, the key is in balance and that the recipient of the gift can appreciate that you have taken care to prepare their gift.

Plan your next gift for him

Throughout the year we see many things that we like. The key is to write them down. In this way, when you have to make a gift, you can turn to the list.

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